Docking sites wanted!

We are planning a 'docking platform' along the river in order to find autonomous participants for the implementation of the collective drawing action. It will consist of a variable installation and a performance-lecture on our topic „Draw the Danube - Build a Bridge“. (There will also be presentations and workshops on the subjects "Expanded Concept of Art“ , „Social Sculpture“ and „Water".
The purpose is to establish a conversation, to listen to people living on the river and to transmit the idea of a collective drawing of the Danube as a type of social sculpture - A picture from the future. The platform will initially deal with the concept of the project; all the details of the actual endeavour will be discussed and rehearsed there.



We are looking for 28 partners along the river course that are willing to recruit and train 10 team leaders each; the team leaders, in turn, will find 7 volunteers for their respective team.